Artist Biography

Buffolo Bill Museum A

Ralph Gartenberg is a man that you could sit and talk with for hours and be amazed at all the places and adventures he’s had. He has a joy that is infectious. While not a formally trained artist he has been able to train himself in a variety of ways throughout the different phases of his life. Using what others might consider humdrum to create beauty and thought.

Born and raised in South Africa he traveled extensively through out Europe in a time when the world was experimenting with ideas - the sixties. While the world was playing with different social, political, and scientic concepts so was he playing with different artistic mediums. Learning to use sponge rollers to create watercolors in Ibiza. Creating temporary art installations in chalk on the streets of Copenhagen. When he talks about this period of his life there is always a wicked twinkle in his eye. The sixties treated him well.

As the world settled down so did he. He and his lovely wife Brenda started a family, raising their two girls in South Africa, and his artistic explorations found an outlet with design. During this time he was designing restaurants and discos. Focusing not just on designing the physical space but playing with the light and how it affected the space. He was also able to design some individual pieces, such as a large piece made of car parts deconstructed and welded back together. He was also working in decoupage and continuing to hone his photography skills. He used every opportunity that came his way to as an opportunity to express himself.

Ralph’s world changed once more as the girls are now raising their own children, his six grandchildren, and he and Brenda have moved to the US. He discovered a new medium that was very in tune with how he wished to express himself now, through technology. Something that most of us use to send out an email or check out a web page he uses to create images which have decades of thought and experience behind them. This is not something surprising however from a man that sees art and possibilities in everything he experiences.