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Search home » health and fitness » pain management jason oh platinum author |   267 articles joined: july 5, 2006 was this article helpful? 0 0 treatment for trigeminal neuralgia by jason oh trigeminal neuralgia is extremely painful but not life threatening. natural alternative viagra There are no known cures for trigeminal neuralgia, therefore the goal of the treatment for trigeminal neuralgia is to minimize dangerous side effects. buy generic drugs from india Below are suggested steps on the treatment for trigeminal neuralgia- -unfortunately, there is no way to prevent trigeminal neuralgia, however you can take pre cautionary steps to avoid trigger attacks. If you notice that by touching a certain area on the face triggers the pain, avoid it. Or if hot or cold drinks, chewing food on the side of your mouth triggers the pain, avoid it. Not eating or drinking completely will not solve the problem. online viagra -pain can be alleviated by a range of medicines, such as antiseizure or anti-epilepsy drugs like tegretol and dilatin. Medications used to treat trigeminal neuralgia are those used for many other nerve pain syndromes--drugs originally designed to treat seizures. Although these drugs suppress pain, it has it's side effects, such as diziness, drowsiness, liver problems and skin allergies are an issue. canada viagra for sale If drug treatment is ineffective, alternative treatments in extreme cases such as gamma rays, radio frequency waves or gylcerol injections can be used to kill off pain. natural alternative viagra But it can leave long lasting facial discomfort. Surgical treatment to free the nerve from the source of pressure is possible. However, neuorsurgical procedures carries it own risks and possible complications. Lastly, there are alternative therapies or resources available for the treatment for trigeminal neuralgia which allows you to manage the pain. As always, please seek proper medical advice on the appropriate treatment for trigeminal neuralgia. Want to know more information on the treatment for trigeminal neuralgia [ visit [ a website that offers tips, advice and resources on the what is trigeminal neuralgia [ article source: did you find this article helpful? viagra dosage high blood pressure 0 0 get involved 0 comments suggest a topic article tools print this article e-mail to a friend ezinepublisher report this article cite this article stay informed get notified by email when new articles are added to this category or written by this author. viagra online canada Subscribe to new article alerts: health and fitness: pain-management jason oh email address: subscribe pain management article feed find more articles search similar articles trigeminal neuralgia - are you unknowingly overlooking these 6 major causes of trigeminal neuralgia? natural alternative viagra Natural and effective treatment for trigeminal neuralgia trigeminal neuralgia - causes, symptoms & treatment mainstream and alternative treatments for trigeminal neuralgia trigeminal ne. can you buy viagra in canada viagra alternatives over the counter uk

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